Calling Young Adults of Color!



Phase Two trip leaders on the Mount of Olives (Jerusalem, 2017)

ELCA Young Adults and the Peace Not Walls Campaign are excited to announce the dates of SIX trips for young adults of color who are interested in visiting the Holy Land. These trips are a part of the Peace Not Walls Young Adult Engagement Strategy – Phase Two. Each trip is led by a pair or trio of young adults of color who applied to be trip leaders in 2016. They have traveled to the Holy Land and have been engaged in learning, networking, and support over the past two years in preparation for leading trips in 2019.

Trips will explore issues of faith, justice, and culture. Trips are designed by each team to reflect their gifts and passions. We practice accompaniment with each trip, not focusing on serving or otherwise “doing”. We are concerned with engaging people in the region for the purpose of relationship building.

Each trip will have different requirements, costs, and application procedures. Select from one of the dates below to discover which trip is best for you!

Upcoming trips:

  1. May 22-June 2, 2020: Led by Harleigh Boldridge and Bahati Mwitula
  2. July 22 – Aug 2, 2020: Led by Rozella White and Antoine Cummings

Trips that already happened in 2019 and the beginning of 2020:

  1. March 1-12 2019: Led by Rev. Tuhina Rasche and Mae Helen Jackson
  2. June 21- July 2 2019: Led by Damaris Allen and Rev. Nathan Allen
  3. January 2-13, 2020: Led by Hannah Wright Osborn, Xavier Thomas, Pedro Andre Lazo Rivera

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