Deep Understanding Comes Through Deep Connection

By: Pedro André Lazo Rivera, Student at Tufts University (Somerville, MA)


I tried my best to end up anywhere else on Earth, but there I was. After answering an email from a person I hadn’t spoken to in two years, scrambling to finish my semester weeks in advance and dropping everything with a half a moment’s notice, I was halfway around the world, surrounded by a team of strangers, and wondering if I was in over my head. As we began to make our final descent towards Tel Aviv, The White City revealed itself to us. It had been almost a year since I had left Puerto Rico, the small Caribbean island I had lived in my whole life, to study in the United States. I had gone a long way from home, but I never thought I’d find myself here, about to walk over the most disputed soil on Earth, hovering back and forth between a young Jewish country willing to do anything to survive and an old Arab nation that has stood resolute for millennia. Continue reading