Walking Beside our Christian Brothers and Sisters

IMG_2642As I write this, we are currently on our 2nd flight.  Our 1st flight was from Fargo to Chicago. This flight is from Chicago to Newark, NJ. From Newark we take a direct flight to Tel Aviv, Israel! That last flight will be just under 11 hours long-and for this girl who has never flown internationally before, that is both exciting, but also a little nerve wracking. Continue reading

Introducing: The Sweet 16


What do you get when you mix 16 ELCA young adults from all over the United States who have flown to Israel and Palestine (with a quick stop in Jordan for a dedication of a church), asking them to learn more about Israel and Palestine in the context of their shared Christian faith, to grow in their leadership skills, connect with other young adults engaged in social justice, get involved with the Peace Not Walls Campaign of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and blog about it?

You get us! (and a ridiculously long sentence).

The sweet 16* are in the midst of a two week experience of a lifetime and will be using this blog to share their reflections along the way.**

Thanks for joining us along the journey! leave a comment, lift up a prayer, and spread the word!

*name decided by Cassie, I’m sure it’ll stick after I tell the group… maybe.

**This is the blog by the sweet 16 (seriously, call us this, it’ll help it stick! …okay, maybe not. I suppose group names should be mutually agreed upon, much like the writing of our group covenant). regardless of what you call us, it’s the blog of the 16 trip participants. in other words, the opinions expressed are the opinions of the individuals writing them and not necessarily the opinions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.