Phase Two: Young Adults of Color

We are excited to announce that FIVE TRIPS have been designed exclusively for young adults of color, led by young adults of color!


Young adults of color who were selected to be trip leaders for Phase Two of the Peace Not Walls Young Adult Engagement Strategy (Bethlehem, 2017)

In 2019 and 2020, five trips are being offered for young adults of color:

  1. March 1-12 2019: Led by Rev. Tuhina Rasche and Mae Helen Jackson
  2. June 21- July 2 2019: Led by Damaris Allen and Rev. Nathan Allen
  3. January 2-13, 2020: Led by Hannah Wright Osborn, Xavier Thomas, Pedro Andre Lazo Rivera
  4. May 22-June 2, 2020: Led by Harleigh Boldridge and Bahati Mwitula
  5. July 22 – Aug 2, 2020: Led by Rozella White and Antoine Cummings

For more information about each trip, please click on the trip dates. 

In 2005, the ELCA Church Council adopted a Churchwide Strategy for Engagement in Israel and Palestine. The strategy is now in its tenth year of implementation through the Peace Not Walls Campaign. This campaign lives out its purpose through practicing accompaniment, building awareness and inviting individuals and congregations to engage in advocacy. The goal of this proposal is to aid in meeting the eight highlighted tasks of the strategy by inviting young adults to connect to this church’s efforts by providing a space where justice and faith collide for the purpose of forming faith and developing leaders.IMG_4256

One of the goals of the 2014-2016 Churchwide Operational Plan is to “Integrate racial justice into the “Peace Not Walls” campaign.” To work towards this goal, we committed to the creation of a second phase of this experience that focuses on training young adults of color.  The ELCA has a commitment to young adults and people of color who are traditionally not included in these opportunities. Bishop Younan of the ELCJHL has stated that he would like more people of color to visit the Holy Land and this is an opportunity to connect people of color with the Peace Not Walls Campaign and our partners in the ELCJHL.

We realize the need for specialized attention support to equip young adults of color to lead other young adults of color in this way. While the goals of Phase Two remain the same from Phase One, we are adding an additional goal (number 2), given the population we would like to engage:

  1. Accompanying local Lutherans and Christians in Israel and Palestine;
  2. Equipping young adults of color to lead trips that specifically focus on the intersection of race, culture and class by using a global lens that has local implications;
  3. Educating participants about the conflict in Israel and Palestine;
  4. Sharing the religious, political and social history of the region;
  5. Deepening faith and identity of travelers as they build relationships with global companions and neighbors;
  6. Connecting participants with the ELCA’s efforts through the Peace Not Walls Campaign by practicing accompaniment, raising awareness and engaging in advocacy;
  7. Building a base of individuals who not only travel but return home to engage their local contexts in issues of peace and justice.

Given the state of affairs in the United States today around race and issues of injustice, we believe that this opportunity could create a base of faith-based justice seekers who are able to connect the dots between domestic and international realities. We would also like to address some of our key learnings, specifically around synodical connections and financial management. We are excited about the infusion of at at least 32 young adults who are equipped to lead trips to the Holy Land into the ecology of the ELCA.