Northeastern Minnesota


KAB_4042 KAB_4029Bjørn Anderson & Laura Mills are a pair of young adults who have extensive experience living in and loving the Holy Land and its people, through Laura’s year-long service with Young Adults in Global Mission and their combined involvement & leadership training through the ELCA’s Peace Not Walls Campaign.

Trip Details:

Dates: August 6 -17, 2015 (Travel Days Included)

Estimated Cost: $1100-$1500 + Airfare

Who can participate? This trip is open to young adults, ages 18-30, from or connected to the Northeast Minnesota synod (via college, camp, family member, etc). All participants must have completed high school. Space is limited to 16 participants.

What is the purpose of this pilgrimage? The purpose of this trip is to make an alternative pilgrimage to the Holy Land, visiting not only the holy sites, but primarily spending time with the Living Stones, those who live in Holy Land, listening to stories and practicing the accompaniment model of ministry. Through this pilgrimage, we will strengthen relations with our companion church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land through visits to Lutheran churches, conversations with fellow young adults, and the opportunity to worship and share meals together. This trip is intended to raise awareness about the situation in Palestine and Israel, looking not only at the politics, but challenging us all to understand a bit of what life is like for the individuals who live in the Holy [and Broken] Land; through this lens, participants will be invited into a space of discernment of how our lives as people of faith intersect with the never-ending pursuit of justice, and coming to understand what it means to advocate for peace and justice for all people of the Holy Land, Palestinians and Israelis alike.

We will explore Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and the surrounding area and much of our time will be spent talking with Palestinians and Israelis who are working on behalf of peace and justice. We will have the opportunity to worship, visit holy sites, and enjoy the delicious & distinctive Palestinian cuisine.

Expectations Participants will be expected to participate in three pre-trip group meetings and one gathering following our trip. All participants should be prepared to walk at least three miles a day over uneven surfaces. Additionally, we will ask group members to be willing to lead or co-lead evening reflections and devotions concerning our daily experiences. Most importantly, we expect that all participants to come with open minds and be prepared to engage with both Palestinians and Israelis.

Questions? Interested parties and questions may be directed to

The goals of this trip are to:

  1. Provide an enhanced understanding of the many facets of the holy and broken land.
  2. Enter into authentic dialogue and relationships with the ELCJHL and Palestinians, knowing that all parties have a story and no one story defines this place.
  3. Continue the practice of accompaniment as we learn to grow in our understanding of justice, solidarity and faith, abroad and at home.

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