Hi! We’re Anna and Ben Sloss. We are from the Indiana-Kentucky synod of the ELCA and are very excited to be leading a trip to the Holy Land for young adults (ages 18-30).


Natalie Walter is a junior at the University of Colorado and a board member of Lutheran Campus ministries at CU. She is studying International Affairs, Political Science, and Peace and Conflict Studies, and has experience with various organizations in Kenya, Nepal, Palestine, and Peru. She also works as a research assistant for CU’s Conflict Information Consortium, and has mentorship experience through the Denver organization BoldLeaders as well as CU’s Norlin Scholars program. She can’t wait to embark on this journey with everyone!

Trip Dates: May 15-25, 2015

Estimated Cost: $1000 per person PLUS the cost of airfare (scholarship opportunities expected as trip date nears).

Trip Information:

For application and additional trip information contact Ben Sloss ( or fill out our online application.

The goals of our trip are to help participants:

  1. Understand conflict and be able to articulate both ELCA and a personal message of advocating for peace;
  2. To have and create a Christian community that walks together in midst of this conflict and accompanies the Palestinian Christians;
  3. Using the lens of occupation to see injustice in own community back home and have a revitalized view on being social justice minded;


4 thoughts on “Indiana-Kentucky

  1. We are so glad for this opportunity for learning about the opportunities for peace in this region that we can be a part of; these are our grandchildren and are brother and sister.

  2. So glad to know that there are a couple of participants from Indiana. I am often identified as the Indiana coordinator for Churches for Middle East Peace, and I have conducted a couple of programs in Indiana, one Indianapolis. There is a very strong group in Indianapolis, but no Lutherans involved, Mostly it is Methodist, Disciples, and others. But, they have run a series of really good programs, including with Warren Clark from CMEP and the most notable John Mearsheimer from the University of Chicago. Have a few people on my list from Indiana. Ben, I believe you are on the list. I am getting ready to start it up again now that I have made a data transfer to Constant Contact.

  3. What a wonderful family the McVeys are……thank you for letting friends follow this trip with Anna and Ben! God bless you both and keep you safe.

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