Information overload in the Holy Land

I personally had a day of discovery for myself; I realized that during our tour and presentation today with UNOCHA, a lot of information available about the Palestinians, and the Israeli settlements contained negative statistics and data. For me, this information was just “pouring salt into an open wound.”

I came away with the hope despite the salt. I think something stood out to me during this day, and during our trip; I noticed the cultural differences between my culture and the Palestinian people that we met. Perhaps this is Israel as a whole, but during our meals a dessert that Is served at almost every meal is watermelon. This unique and impressionable tradition has become an expectation of our group during every meal we eat.

Recently, a member of our group told us about how salt and watermelon combined together make a very tasty treat… And I complete agree!

Although the day carried a lot of bitter salt, I learned today, and on this trip that bitter can be better when you take it with a slice of Watermelon.


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