Belated Blogging and Intentionality

I was supposed to have written this blog last week, however, I did not have the proper words to express my experiences and the thoughts and emotions affiliated with them. When I write and speak, I like to convey my ideas through very intentional words; sometimes, this intentional articulation takes time to develop, as is the case with this post.

I choose to be intentional because words, either properly or poorly chosen, can have profound impacts which can reverberate far beyond a speaker or writer’s immediate sphere of influence. Once uttered or written, words cannot be taken back, and thus, they must be chosen with care and caution. Words are like ripples.

I spend extensive amounts of time working in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Quetico Provincial Park on the border between Minnesota and Ontario; this work consists of guiding groups of canoeists on week-long wilderness excursions in an area with more than 1000 lakes, therefore the imagery of words being like ripples is quite poignant to me. Anyone who has ever dropped anything into a calm, placid body of water has, undoubtedly witnessed the phenomenon of ripples emanating outward from the initial point of contact with the object. In order for our message to have the desired effect as it forms ripples of influence away from those amongst us who have shared the common experience of traveling to the Holy and Broken Land, our words must be chosen carefully and delivered with the utmost intentionality. It must be our collective objective to compellingly share our story in a way which neither alienates nor isolates anyone who may be a potential ally on behalf of justice and righteousness.

Takk for Alt,


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